Many people consider the foot and hand care to be less important. Do not be surprised if they prefer facial or hair care first then foot and hand care. In fact, this treatment is also important for health. You can do manicure and pedicure in your house by using our home services app.

Even though your feet, hands, and nails are rarely seen, it’s important to treat these parts of your body regularly. With manicure and pedicure, clean hands and feet will be guaranteed. In addition to beauty, what are the other benefits of manicure and pedicure?

It helps restore nail health. Not just to enhance your appearance, manicure and pedicure can restore nail health, especially the finger cuticle. In addition, manicure and pedicure also make your hands and feet skin moist.

Make the feet relax. The steps taken during a pedicure can relax your feet. Because before cleaning, usually the feet and hands will be soaked first with warm water. The water is usually mixed with mineral salt which functions to remove impurities.

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