The world is full of noble art forms all of which should be checked out at least once over the course of your life. Painting, film and musical performances are all rather well known, but dance is one type of art that many people don’t pay all that much attention to even though it has the potential to blow their minds. Now, just like there are elite and populist forms of music and film, there are similar bifurcations that can be seen in the world of dance. If you want to enjoy a dance performance that harkens back to the golden era of classicism, we would say that ballet is your best pet.

There is a pretty good chance that attending a ballet will make for a wondrous evening full of delight and joyfulness. The truth of the situation is that offers performances that are so miraculous that every critic would be hell bent on telling you just how important it is to witness them with your own two eyes. This is because of the fact that the performers who are working at the Chicago Ballet have a level of grace in their movements that allows them to dance like droplets of water upon a pond.

The only other ballet company that can surpass the one that is located in Chicago is the Russian Ballet, but the fact of the matter is that even this iconic and legendary ballet troupe is starting to have a lot of trouble competing with Chicago on this front. You can watch widely acclaimed ballets such as the Nutcracker which features a score that was composed by none other than Tchaikovsky himself, and you would be in absolute ecstasy during every single minute of the performance.